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Department of Analytical Chromatography

Analyzed the antibiotics, chemicals in food, clinical specimens (blood, urine, serum ).....

  1. Organization :

Numbers of staff: 21 (1 MSc and 20 BSc)

Chief : BSc. Nguyen Thi Chan
Deputy Manager : MSc. Ly Tuan Kiet

  1. Analysis indicators :
  1. Analytical test and evaluation in agricultural and aquatic food, cattle and poultry food
  • Water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins
  • Food additives and preservatives;
  • Toxins in food: 3-MCPD, Aflatoxin, Orchatoxin, Histamin, Benzen,…;
  • Marine bio-toxins: ASP, DSP, PSP, Okadaic acid;
  • Antibiotic residues: Chloramphenicol, Nitrofurans, Fluoroquinolones, Penicillines, Tetracyclines, Aminoglycosides, Macrolide, Sulfamids,…;
  • Residues of Malachites (Malachite and Leucomalachite) and Gentian violets (Crystal violet, Brilliant green, Leucocrystal violet);
  • Growth hormone residues: Clenbuterol, Salbutamol, Dexamethasone,…;
  • Bio derivatives, growth hormone derivatives.
  • Sulfamid residues.
  • Nutrition facts (Vitamin A, D, E, K, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Folic, Biotin, Cholesterol, Saturated fat)
  1. Analytical test and evaluation in industrial, cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields:
  • - Main element; purity;
  • Additive substances;
  • Medicines, veterinary drugs, antibiotics, antibacterial.
  1. Medical samples:
  • Trichloroacetic in urine;
  • Methanol in blood, in serum;
  • Paraquat, Diquat in urine, blood…
  1. Natural compounds:
  • Essential oil, flavor;
  • Components and structures of natural compounds.
  1. Environmental Analysis:

Drinking and waste water:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs); Semi volatile Organic Compounds;
  • Pesticides, Herbicides…


  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs); Semi volatile Organic Compounds;
  • Pesticides, Herbicides

Gas and Exhaust fumes:

  • NO2, SO2… in dust;
  • Toxins in air: Organic solvents, Volatile Organic Compounds and Semi volatile Organic Compounds;
  • Industry gas and exhaust fumes (from factories);
  • Gas in dumping ground.
  • 02 Nguyen Van Thu Street, Da Kao Ward, Distrist 1 Ho Chi Minh City
  • Tel : 0283-829-5087 - Fax : 0283-911-5119
  • Email : casehcm@case.vn
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